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Public Safety Software

We have partnered with other vendors so that we can provide everything from hardware and packaged software such as Oracle, to a complete suite of services including software development, training, support, consulting, recruiting, network implementation and web hosting. You can call us whether you want to outsource your whole data processing department or need us to assist you with your development project.

We can provide a fully customized solution to your agency. Our consulting group will customize the Net-PD application to meet your agencies specific needs. We can also augment your IT staff to services such as Networking, Managed Services and Disaster Recovery services.

Features Include:



Application Design and Development

As an software application development firm we can customize our NetPD solution to your departments specific needs. All customizations will be fully supported by our technical support team.

Network Administration and Support

We provide network administration and support for you business. We will design, implement, maintain and provide support for you network. Other services include:

  • Physical Network Design
  • Establishing wiring and connectivity.
  • Installation and administration of routers, switches, hubs, concentrators, workstations, servers and other data communications devices.
  • Installation and Administration of LAN operating systems including Windows and Unix/Linux.
  • Setup firewalls and VPNs.
  • Provide Desktop and Server Support and Managed Services.
  • Provide Disaster Recovery Solutions.

User Training and Maintenance

We can tailor training and maintenance to the specific needs of your company including:

  • Develop user documentation and on-line help for software applications.
  • Develop user guides and training materials for software applications.
  • Deliver user training.
  • Provide on-going application maintenance and support.