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NetPD Mobile

Our NetPD Mobile Solution keeps you connected to your CAD and RMS system when you are out in the field. NetPD Mobile integrates securely and seamlessly with your vehicle?s existing Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and wireless connection.

This compatibility means your officers can receive and complete Calls For Service (CFS) info and enter and retrieve Records Management reports while in the field, keeping them out on the streets where they are most needed. Our NetPD Mobile Solution seamlessly connects to the NetPD CAD and RMS system so the information is always up to date and will be available when you return to the station. Optionally NetPD Mobile provides Auto Vehicle Location (AVL) capabilities as well as automated mapping and directions from your MDT.

Features Include:



Real-time information. Real convenience.

Our NetPD Mobile solution provides secure access to our RMS and CAD systems from remote terminals to allow officers to view and update Calls for Service and Police Reports from their vehicles.

Auto Vehicle Location/Mapping & Directions

NetPD also features AVL capabilities to provide dispatchers with up to date information on each unit?s location as well as providing mapping and voice directions to help the offices arrive on time.

Easy to use. Easy on the bottom line.

The NetPD Mobile solution provides a very intuitive interface to help officers in the field access necessary information in a timely manor and be more productive. It allows your officers to spend less time in the station doing paper work and more time on the beat doing police work where they are need most.