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Computer Aided Dispatch

Law Enforcement Officers need access to intelligence and statistics quickly. CAD reports are powerful tools in your arsenal, especially when assessing and allocating law enforcement resources. It is often the ability to provide statistics which defines the need for additional law enforcement personnel or resources.

NetPD CAD software puts that power at your department?s fingertips as part of the robust NetPD solution.


Features Include:



Real-time information. Real convenience.

The NetPD CAD module provides a real-time interface with multi-user capability for dispatchers to log incoming calls and manage available police resources. It maintains status information for all units as well as all pending and dispatched calls for service and recommends which unit should be dispatched to a call, all within convenient drop-down menus that let you quickly choose which data to display.


NetPD also features the GEOBASE, an optional tool, which validates the location of calls and provides essential information about the call to responding units.

Easy to use. Easy on the bottom line.

With NetPD?s CAD solution, operational efficiencies and savings begin the minute the call for service hits the switchboard. Bundled with the reporting and records management tools that are specifically designed for easy data entry by police officers, NetPD provides a wide variety of information and reports and is a powerful solution to help make the best use of limited resources.